Texas Ghost Mushroom Spore Syringe



Ghost mushrooms in nature are known as the Texas Ghost, having small white caps, but very stout like the Texan strain. A lot have stated these mushroom spores’ genus as being robust such as that of the Penis Envy. These mushroom spores are in the more progressive classification of spores.

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Ghost strain mushroom spores have a very high psilocybin potency, similar to the “standard” Texas strain. However, this strain is more potent at maturity in terms of its psilocybin content. This fact makes the strain a top choice for researchers interested in the formative stages of fungi featuring a high psilocybin content. While the spores themselves contain no psilocybin, they’re still ideal for taxonomy and research. The Texas Ghost strain is similar to the “standard” strain as mentioned, yet it is white in color. When discovered by mycologists in nature, these mushrooms have been described as thick and chunky. These mushrooms have adapted to the dry climate of Texas by featuring a lower water content than many other fungi in the cubensis species classification.

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