Jack Frost Mushroom Spore Syringe



These mushrooms are considered a cross strain, or hybrid mushroom strain. Jack Frost Mushroom strain is a cross strain between the Albino Penis Envy strain and the True Albino Teacher (TAT) Melmac variety.

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Amateur mycologists and microscopists agree this is one of most unique strains our store offers. It looks just as beautiful in its spore state as it does in the wild as a fully mature fungi. In nature, this fungi develops into a gorgeous fruiting body, appearing as though its been smothered by a fresh snowfall. The gills of the fruiting body will take on a stunning cobalt appearance, reminiscent of frost or ice. This is how the strain gets its name! Jack Frost cubensis is a result of cross breeding. The fungi is a hybridization with parentage from the Albino Teacher mushroom, known for its pale appearance. Jack Frost is also known for its extremely high cubes content.

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