Koh Samui Mushroom Spore Syringe



KSSS mushrooms spores is one of our most popular spores! The KOH, also known as KSSS or KSSS mushroom strain, originates in Thailand. This potent strain is sought-after for its large caps and thick stems. KSSS is a great addition to any spore tester’s collection!

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One of the most scenic islands in Southeast Asia is also home to one of the most popular psilocybin mushroom spore strains for KSSS mushrooms. This strain is native to the island off Thailand’s eastern coast. It offers amateur mushroom spores microscopists a great way to experience this exotic strain. This strain is considered “super” because of the powerful properties the fungus has at maturity. Observers say this mushroom is an aggressive colonizer, featuring an unforgettable appearance. In the wild, KSSS is a large, dense mushroom found with dark patches atop its caramel and white cap. The cap is almost flat at maturity, with upturned gills. At-home taxonomists and scientists will truly enjoy seeing the formative stage of this organism!

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